Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Spring!!

So, I started this blog...then took a sabbatical!! ;) Life has been busy for the Three Cline's and we are
 all doing well. We are delighted that we closed on our new house in February and are now homeowners!! We love the house and are slowly making it into our home. most weekends are spent cleaning, painting, cutting branches in the yard and other fun projects.

We love living on the lake and spend most evenings out here with the herons, geese and fish. We have seen bunnies, deer and armadillos. Obviously we are not as excited about the armadillos as they dig up my flowers! Julia loves all of her furry friends!

Julia is growing up and loving school. It is amazing to think that she will soon be 3 years old and she is just changing so much each day. It is bittersweet to see her vocabulary changing and her changing from a baby to a toddler to a little girl. Just looking a photos like those below show how much she has changed in just one year.

Easter was lots of fun and Julia was very excited that the Easter Bunny ate 4 carrots and a cup of milk. She was much more interested in the bunny than in candy! It was so heartwarming to see her understanding of the true meaning of Easter with Christ's Resurrection. Even at 2 she understands the glorious mystery of Christ and his saving grace. It is exciting to see the Holy Spirit working through that little blonde head.  

 Wesley and I are doing really well. Wesley loves his firm and is very happy working with a great group of attorneys and staff. He is very happy and is thrilled that we have a workshop in our new house so he can putter around the house building things. Like these! Hey I can hope!

Katherine is staying busy with work and travels a lot these days raising money for FSU and I'm happy being back in Tallahassee. I'm working on sewing a few dresses for Julia and am making the dress below out of the blue daisy fabric. Stay tuned for more pictures!