Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Summer Days and Back to School

The summer has started and ended and we are back in the routine of school days, ballet classes and the joys of Fall. I must admit that I love the beach and warm weather and lazy hot days spent in front of ceiling fans. My summers as a child were spent at our family beach house in Seagrove Beach, FL and I spent weeks at a time covered in a fine film of sand and salt and remember being constantly hot and happy. I also discovered my enduring love of REALLY cold Diet Coke as I drink it without ceasing there. We still own that house so I am blessed to see Julia growing up with a similar experience at the same beach house and we spent many weekends this summer at the beach.

But the days grow shorter and new adventures have started again for us. We absolutely love Julia's Preschool. Yeah, I know everyone says that unless you send your kid to "Miss Sarah's Child Labor Prep School" but we are thrilled with our time at Advent. Julia went to "Summer School" and we are so happy to see her continuing to grow and thrive.

We started the year with our first haircut...I got a little misty when we put her locks in a Ziploc bag but she looks so cute with her Pixie cut now.

Our First Haircut
 I'm hoping to post regularly and look forward to sharing our adventures!

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