Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stumbling in the Fog of Grief

I have not written here in months and much has changed in our lives. Julia has grown taller. She has learned to write her letters and numbers. She has lost her father.

Wesley, the love of my life and the proudest daddy I ever knew died in our home on March 30, the day before Easter and the chasm of grief opened wide for myself and our family. It was a very aggressive form of leukemia that he had for possibly a couple of months, but more likely a few weeks. Wesley went to work on Friday and was gone by Saturday morning and we had no idea he was ill. It was and is a shock to those he loved and who loved him.

This blog will  be a way for me to write about my experience and the experience of Julia as we navigate our way through this future that we never imagined.

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