Wednesday, May 29, 2013

March 28, 2001

When Wesley and I started dating we lived 821 miles apart. His ratty apartment door to the front door of my parent's house where I crashed after graduating from college. We were young and early in our relationship but I was head over heels in love with Wesley and knew he was the man I'd spend my life with early on. People used to say that it was obvious he was deeply in love with me, but really I was the one who was hopelessly in love. 

I sent him this list almost 12 years to the day that he died and every word is still true. I could write 100 more reasons today. 

100 Reasons I love Wesley

1. The way his eyes look when he tells a story

2.  He will read me stories when I can’t fall asleep
3.  The way he kisses me
4.  That he rubs my back when I’m sick
5.  That almost throwing up in the Wheat Thins box didn’t scare him away
6.  The feeling of his hand on the back of my neck when I’m driving
7.  That he loves his family
8.  That he chops wood for old ladies at church
9.  That he read Pat the Cat to me on the floor of Border’s Bookstore, even though it had very little to do with the cat
10. That he went to look at alligators with Daddy because he knew it meant a lot to me 
11. That he didn’t make fun of me burning dinner
12. That he teases me
13. That I can tease him
14. That no matter how much I’m babbling I always know he is listening
15. That he remembers what I say
16. He makes me a better person
17. He believes in my dreams
18. He has dreams of his own
19. His smile
20. The way he massages my shoulders
21. The way he smells
22. That he will try grits for me
23. That he will drive 9 hours just to see me
24. He takes off my shoes when I lay down on the bed
25. He tries to make me more wild and crazy
26. He thought the taxidermist shop was gross too
27. The way he slow dances with me in the kitchen
28. That he checks on the Siamese cats at the rescue everyday
29. That even when we disagree he listens to my side
30. He isn’t afraid to let me see him cry
31. He lets me cry
32. He lets me complain about my day
33. He only charges me an eighth of a wish for my bad language
34. His laugh
35. That he can make me laugh until I cry
36. If I’m crying, he can still make me laugh
37. He tries to please my parents
38. That he worries about me, but doesn’t smother me
39. He doesn’t make fun of me for my borderline narcolepsy
40. He doesn’t take it personally that every time he sees me I’m sick!
41. He is willing to talk out a problem until it’s solved
42. He has nicknames for my pets
43. He knows my grandmothers name
44. He tells me it will all be OK, when I’m doubting
45. He wants to know what my favorite attribute about everything is
46. He loves Mommy Cat as much as me
47. Even when I’m cranky, he still says he loves me
48. He is proud of me
49. He doesn’t tell his mother the truth when she claims I’m a “Master” at anything
50. He lets me see his middle school yearbook pictures
51. He lets me see him dressed up as a woman for School Spirit Day
52. The way his hair curls in the front like Superman
53. He never tells me my concerns aren’t valid
54. His hugs
55. He cares what my parents think of him
56. He isn’t grossed out when I have strange things hanging from my nose
57. He knows that for every time I tell him I love him, there are 100 times I just slug him in the arm
58. He never lets me forget who kissed whom first
59. He sat on my couch looking at the Christmas tree for hours and was happy 
60. He is smart
61. He makes me proud
62. He wakes up at 7 in the morning on the chance I’ll call on my way into work
63. He is never mad if I call him in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep
64. He will be a wonderful father
65. He will be a fantastic husband
66. He asks me to marry him almost everyday, even though I say No every day!
67. He is willing to try new things
68. He doesn’t let me manipulate a situation too much
69. When his kisses me, I feel like the world stands still
70. He can cook a mean Tombstone pizza
71. He gives great rides in shopping carts
72. He likes Veggie tales and doesn’t hide them under a bushel
73. He likes the way I sing
74. He tells me I’m beautiful, and something about the way he says it makes me believe him
75. He knows how hard it is to come up with 100 things you love about a person
76. He loves to read
77. Even when I think my story ideas are dumb, he encourages me to write
78. Every time I read “Wes’s World” I smile
79. He owns Disney films
80. Even when I don’t bathe he says I’m smell ok
81. He can pick me up without grunting
82. He can hold me upside down with one hand
83. He tells me my mom is pretty
84. He says my dad is cool
85. When we talk about my family he never jumps to conclusions or criticizes. 
86. He is well groomed
87. That he thinks of others before himself
88. He is kind
89. He is the most genuine person I know
90. He wants to be with me, even when I’m pushing him away
91. He lets me steal the blankets
92. He has nicknames for me
93. He looks good in glasses
94. He looks good in plaid of neutral tone
95. He thinks I look good in the morning
96. He makes me so happy I’m dizzy
97. He sound of his voice makes me smile, no matter how bad a day I’m having
98. He is appreciative
99. He is beautiful
100. He loves me

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